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31st annual senior luncheon held

COLUMBIA,  SC (WOLO)–The 31st annual “Senior Citizens Healthcare and Fun Day Luncheon” was held at Seawell’s Catering.

“What we do every year is we get the seniors together. In the rural areas a lot of times we are forgotten or don’t know we’re there. So what I did was when I became an elected official I started getting people out of the rural areas to get information that they normally wouldn’t have gotten,” says event creator Bernice G. Scott.

The event provides seniors information and advice on topics like taxes, will and deed preparation, nutritional wellness and gun safety.

Vendors at the event provide seniors answers to any questions they may have.

“Its’ so very important that you’re talking with your health care provider about fall prevention. Your concerns about falling. So thinking about our medication our vision, our feet. Things that your doctor would need to know so that they can identify risk factors for a fall,” says Injury Prevention Coordinator Lara Peck with Prisma Health.

Lottie Solomon, an independent broker, holds Medicare workshops and gives advice on Medicare to seniors at the event.

“October 15 through December 7 of every year is the annual enrollment period. And so this is a time for them to start making a choice on whether they’re going to keep the plans that they have or if they’re going to look at other plans,” says Solomon.

Prizes like flat screen televisions and cash were given away as well.

“I won 1st prize!” 1st prize for being the oldest person here,” says 102-year-old Lula G. Daniels, who attended the event with family members.

“Giving back to the community! That’s all it’s about. People out in the rural areas, people think that we have forgotten them. You know, they just live out there in the woods, don’t nobody care about them. But we do care. This is our community. And we give back to our community,” says Scott.

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