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40,000 meals from VTDigger members to the Vermont Foodbank by Dec. 31

Dear Reader,

Our journalists are reporting that more Vermonters will be in need of financial help as winter sets in. Inflation and the end of many pandemic aid programs mean more people are turning to their local food shelves for assistance.

VTDigger is partnering with the Vermont Foodbank to give our readers the chance to support two worthy causes at the same time. Please make a year-end donation to support our local, independent journalism and we will send 10 meals to the Vermont Foodbank on your behalf.

Our goal is to send 40,000 meals from 4,000 members by December 31.
We’ve already sent 10,000 and counting!

VTDigger’s annual membership drive provides the bulk of our funding for the entire year to come. It is critical that we raise enough funds to keep the newsroom here going strong and this is the most important time of year to do it.

Help keep us on the beat covering the issues that affect everyday Vermonters and providing free, accessible information to all.

If you can afford it, please make a year-end member contribution today. You’ll be supporting both high-quality local journalism for Vermont and our neighbors that are struggling to put food on the table this winter.

Thank you for your readership, and caring for those around you.

With gratitude,

Libbie Sparadeo

Director of Community Engagement & Strategic Partnerships

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We produce rigorous journalism that explains complex issues, holds the government accountable to the public and engages Vermonters in the democratic process.

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Did you know VTDigger is a nonprofit?

Our journalism is made possible by member donations from readers like you. If you value what we do, please contribute during our annual fund drive and send 10 meals to the Vermont Foodbank when you do.